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Limited Edition
20 Cards starting at $25.000 


✔︎ Dedicated Lifestyle concierges

✔︎ Chatbots for every request

✔︎ High-quality and trustworthy partners for all your planning needs


✔︎ Luxury Experiences (Maldives, Bali, Tulum, Dubai and more…)

✔︎Access the World’s Finest Villas & Private Islands

✔︎ Off-Market Properties Listings


✔︎ Personal Invitation to FASTE Private Events

✔︎ Private Sales of Luxury Goods

✔︎ VIP Tickets for Sports Events, Festivals & Shows

✔︎ Party Planner


✔︎ Airport VIP Meet & Assist

✔︎ Private Jet & Helicopter Charter Arrangements

Web3 Specials

✔︎ Rewards*

✔︎ Pool Liquidity

✔︎ Loan & Stacking

✔︎ Token ICO

*Once we launch the ‘FASTE KEYS’ program, you will be able to get back your rewards.