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France Ski Trip

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Discover a selection of the best Luxury Chalets in France

Chalet Polar

Megève, France
8 people ⎮ 5 bedrooms ⎮ 5 bathrooms

Chalet Sled

Méribel, France
8 people ⎮ 4 bedrooms ⎮ 4 bathrooms

Chalet Evasion

Courchevel 1850, France
14 people ⎮ 7 bedrooms ⎮ 6 bathrooms

Chalet Olga

Courchevel 1850, France
14 people ⎮ 7 bedrooms ⎮ 4 bathrooms

Chalet Snowflake

Courchevel 1850, France
16 people ⎮ 8 bedrooms ⎮ 8 bathrooms

Chalet Cosmo

Megève, France
10 people ⎮ 5 bedrooms ⎮ 5 bathrooms

Chalet Stardust

Megève, France
12 people ⎮ 5 bedrooms ⎮ 5 bathrooms

Chalet First Snow

Méribel, France
10 people ⎮ 5 bedrooms ⎮ 5 bathrooms

Chalet Esky

Méribel, France
12 people ⎮ 6 bedrooms ⎮ 6 bathrooms

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Private Driver

A private driver can be at your disposal during your stay. Do not hesitate to require a specific car. 


Private Chef

Get the most out of your winter break, by booking a private chef and organize sumptuous feast for the holiday season. 



Attentive to each and every detail, our exceptional butlers will meet all your needs in complete discretion. 



We can provide you with trained and qualified nannies during your stay.



Experience an authentic relaxing time by booking a moment for yourself with a specialize skincare and body massage.


Personal trainer

At home or in the move, our personal trainers will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Enjoy this winter the most sensational experiences

With FASTE, spend the most unique travel with our unforgettable experiences for your family, friends or a business trips. We make sure you experience the best and most exclusive winter escape. Having a specific request? We are used to create personalized luxury experiences. Contact us.

Helicopter Tour

For Business Travel or a Private Tour, FASTE provides you the best helicopters around the world anytime, anywhere.


Sled Dog

In every our Winter Destinations, FASTE offers you the best dog sledding tours in warmth and comfort. Discover amazing landscapes in a luxury way.


For every style of driver, get comfort and fun for the driver and the passenger at the same time in every FASTE Winter Destinations.

Private Party

For a Birthday Party, a New Year's Eve, a Christmas dinner or any special event, FASTE organizes the most special events for you.

Private Ski Class

Enjoy our the best ski teachers in our Ski Destinations. Improve yourself or discover hidden places in the ski area.

Ice Climbing

Escape reality and get the most sensational private ice climbing tours. Get impressed by your strentgh and courage in beautiful mountain landscapes.  

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