Expect More – Party Consultant

Imagine partying the night away at a Carnival themed celebration, awash with immersive performances on the beaches of Ibiza for your birthday. Sitting in a secluded Villa in Santorini, relaxing with your lover, watching the sun go down, sipping champagne, and then surprising them with a marriage proposal. Or better yet, having your companies’ annual awards event being organized and executed down to the most exquisite detail and without a hitch or you having to lift a finger. 

With Expect More, your Party Consultant will make it happen. We are world-renowned for creating unforgettable events. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding proposal, private or corporate event, we will make it happen for you.    

We pride ourselves on creating and executing legendary parties and celebrations for the world’s most discerning audiences in exciting, sought-after locations across the globe. All of this culminating in the spectacular ability to create amazing memories, for you and your guests.  We guarantee you will never be disappointed.

We have close relationships with reputable and professional suppliers from around the world.  This places us in the enviable position of being able to utilize an extensive and exhaustive stream of quality, luxurious products, services and locations just for your event. 

The FASTE team can assist with everything from travel arrangements to organizing every detail of the event.

Our Expect More services include but are not limited to:

  • A worldwide venue location service
  • Immersive performances
  • Innovative catering
  • Bespoke structures
  • technical production
  • Guest logistics services
  • Onsite concierge
  • All the way down to the finer details of installations, invitations and photography…

We would love to hear from you, contact us here: concierge@faste.com

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