Since the 2000s, luxury private concierges have appeared on the luxury market. The completely personalized private concierge has become the new ally of High-Net-Worth individuals, VIPs, businessmen, politicians and companies. A luxury private concierge is very confidential in terms of access, it has no limit of service and makes every effort to achieve all types of requests, professional or personal.

In recent years, the world of luxury has been completely jostled due to technological innovations. According to Bain & Company: “The Global Luxury Market in 2018 was estimated around 1200B and 47%ofLuxury Consumers were part of Generations Y and Z.” During our journey, we realized that customers’ requests were no longer the same, they were looking for unique experiences, personalized trips and digital experiences.

Here is our story…

The adventure started 10 years ago, we were two young entrepreneurs completely immersed in this new digital world. We were studying during the week, and working on a platform called BottleBooking during our free time. The platform is dedicated to people interested in booking tables in the best nightclubs in the world. It is the easiest way to book a table without the uncertainty of not getting in or waiting for hours in front of the club. Throughout the years, we established a strong network of international customers. We gained their trust to such an extent that we became their private concierge.

Very quickly, we were confronted to different obstacles:

  • Satisfying their countless requests within limited time
  • Too many suppliers, not enough personalization
  • Clients requests were not centralized on a unique platform
  • Hard to follow up with our clients during their trip

We also identified a need with the ones that were not using concierge services: waste of time searching for the best value for money, complexity of travel organization, stress, lack of knowledge, originality and customization and risk of disappointment.

We quickly came to the conclusion that we had to innovate the private concierge business.

For all these reasons, we created FASTE.

What is FASTE?

FASTE is a game-changer. It is the first digital lifestyle assistant that turns luxury travel and tailor-made event into one-of-a-kind experiences.

Besides assisting wealthy individuals on their various demands, FASTE offers a panel of smart tools to consumers, suppliers and business providers.

FASTE PRO is an all-in-one platform, where we integrated thousand of hand picked luxury suppliers worldwide. Suppliers will be able to manage a request from a client, send an instant quotation, incorporate their catalogue and track all records. The platform allows suppliers to have a better visibility on the customers’ requests, preferences and habits.

We also created FASTE App supported by AI chatbot and machine learning system in order to build tailored experiences according to our clients expectations.

Here is our main and essential services on the app:


Even though we are internationally oriented, we are proud to be french entrepreneurs, where we perfect the French art of living.

What sets FASTE apart from other concierges company?

Our project tends towards a “uberisation” of the high-end service market, for which FASTE is the only one to offer a modern and digital approach of concierge services.

Our main advantage is that there is no subscription needed like most of the other private concierge companies. The aim is not to be a competitor for concierges, but rather to work in synergy with them.

Our goal is to centralize and connect the various actors on our IT solutions: consumers, service providers, institutions and brands. It is also possible to use our brand and technologies in white-label, which will allow service providers as well as other businesses to save time and money.

Our ambition is simple and achievable: we want to make sure that all of our clients get the best services in the shortest time possible. This was our main priority when working on the app: we wanted to guarantee our clients a quick access to many different products and services.

Millennials mindset has changed luxury. Customers are now looking for more tailor-made services and memorable experiences, they will focus on travel, concerts and activities. Thanks to the powerful tools that we developed, we are now able to analyze customers’ behavior to always provide them with the best services. Creating a unique experience for each client is the priority.

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